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Ninth product designer of the 2018 season

One more week with three amazing BB Product Designers has passed! It is time to introduce to you Tea Tadej, our hard-working Croatian designer who is leading the design department of Prima Group, the largest furniture manufacturer in Croatia. Tea took part in our BB Design Year Project and spent five awesome days at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort absorbing creative energy and inspiration from her surroundings to create new amazing BB items!

Tea arrived to the resort together with our two other BB designers, Damla Teoman and Marko Mikičić. On their arrival, we shared some very special moments as we had the chance to have lunch on the terrace together with our previous two BB designers, Ena Priselec and Ivona Miloš. It was a great opportunity for our designers to share their thoughts on this platform for development of regional design. After sharing their thoughts with other BB designers, we introduced our new designers to the brand and the whole resort with a mural walk presenting the beautiful BIG BERRY Art Colony houses.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tea arrival

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tea working

During her stay Tea got to really enjoy Bela krajina: apart from time in the resort, we enjoyed real local food at our BIG BERRY partners Gostišče Veselič and Domačija Šrajf, and visited the ČRNfest music festival in Črnomelj, which was made possible thanks to, among many other, Radio Odeon, Kolpa d.o.o. and Pivovarna Vizir, our BB partners. At the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, Tea found inspiration and got to work in different environments: in the BB Egg Swing Chairs, the BB Lounge Houses at the end of the resort and on the terrace of BB reception, a place with stunning view on Kolpa and Lahinja river.

Tea attended also our Photography Day, where we learned about alternative photography with our 12th BB Mastermind, lithuanian photographer Šarūnas Kvietkus. In Šarūnas’ workshop we created amazing cyanotypes with plants from our herbal garden and berry plantation! We truly enjoyed these creative activities together!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tea egg chair

BIG BERRY Stories DY Tea sketch

After these days filled with inspiration and creative energy, Tea presented us her amazing creations: a new BB Breakfast basket, keychains and a circular sofa for the BB House! We can’t wait to see these new designs at our BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort!

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