Luxury of freedom


Bertold - the Swiss army knife from Hungary

What is your dream?
I wanted to live in a utopian society, yet I am not born into one. I can’t settle with this, so I slowly trying to work my way towards something better. One day, I would like to give a TED Talk, since they are a great source of inspiration for me, because it shows brilliant people, wo are changing the world towards a favourable direction.

Favorite memory from my childhood:
Wehen I was 5-8, we hanged out with the neighborhood kids. After rains we collected huge snails, and made a race for them. We climbed trees, we built several huts, from wood planks and corn stems. We built obstacle courses and raced with roller skates and bicycles.

What are you good at:
everything :)

...ok, no.

I am good at making plans, fixing stuff, math, chess, speling...

Give me 3 books everyone should read:

Winnetou - for its moral tales.

The Kingkiller, Chronicle - for its immersing fantasy.

Grow Youthful - because it is like a user's manual for the human body.