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Berry Ghee

Reading this means that you will, or maybe even already did taste this unique product called BERRY GHEE. Wondering how this inspiring and beautiful story began?

Once upon a time (four years ago, to be precise), two local Slovenian companies in Bela Krajina decided to join a large group of local partners, BIG BERRY. BIG BERRY immediately saw the broad potential of both companies and encouraged them to create something new together. And so the story began.

After several different product mixes and meetings between Dušan from Zlati Ghee and Danilo from Pavlovič Farm, they came to the conclusion that the magic formula is basically quite simple: berries and ghee mixed together. So simple yet different. The energies of the two came together, and so BERRY GHEE came into being.

This berrylicious natural product will make your breakfasts simpler and healthier, which was also the goal of all three partners. Enjoy and bon apetit!

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