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Golden Ghee - no ordinary butter

Golden Ghee is a Slovenian trademark that reflects excellence in the production of purified butter, also known as ghee - a cooked butter that has been known for over 3,000 years all over the world for its many benefits for the body and skin. Story of Golden Ghee, besides melting butter, melts our hearts as well. The whole idea was started by Dušan, who directed all of his knowledge, effort and love into producing this high quality product, which every grandmother would approve. He believes that the food is a source of life, therefore it needs to be natural, pure and made with a feeling.

Made with love - good vibrations and happy cows

The first thing you notice upon arriving at Golden Ghee kitchen is the special atmosphere. There is no sign of haste and mass production, but only friendship, music and good energy. The Golden Ghee crew in its harmony, makes magic with every cooking session. There is a strong belief that the energy and sound effect all matter around. That’s why their every cooking session is spiced up with a concert - playing various instruments and creating good vibrations that improve the structure of ghee and add a special touch to it.
Also, Golden Ghee is made from natural butter, produced from milk that comes from ecological and free range farm, where cows are happy and running free.

Approved by grandma and Demeter

Besides all the words of praise given by friends, grandmas and everyone who has tried this magnificent product, as icing on the cake, Golden Ghee became a proud owner of Demeter - certificate indicating the highest quality food. This is one of the top accomplishments for Golden Ghee and we believe the best is yet to come.

BIG BERRY guests have the opportunity to enjoy natural ghee for breakfast, as one of the local products made in Bela krajina. Besides natural ghee, there is a whole range of tastes that can satisfy all the foodies out there. From delicious, sweet hazelnut and berry ghee to wild garlic, truffles, sesame or even ghee made of goat and sheep milk.

Jugorje pri Metliki 8
8331 Suhor, Bela Krajina

E: [email protected]  
P: +386 40 542 364
Facebook: @Zlatighee
Photos: Flickr Gallery


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