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Domača obrt Cvitkovič

Domača Obrt Cvitkovič is focused on making products made of linen, the traditional material for the region. The whole process starts with planting flex which is later hand-picked and processed using only natural methods. The thread is then woven with a 200 years oldwooden machine, and later sun-bleached to get the white colour of the Bela Krajina folklore dress. The fabric is then decorated with a red thread using a needle, to weave traditional Slavic patterns. They are also painting Easter eggs in a way traditional for Bela Krajina and the decorated egg is called “Pisanice”.

Domača obrt Cvitkovič
Adlešiči 3
8341 Adlešiči

P:  07 30 70 028  or 07 30 70 219 
E: [email protected]

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