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Kolpa River Slovenia


Bela krajina and Metlika's surrounding not-to-miss attractions.

Otok - DC3 airplane

1.7 km - 4 mins drive

The plane is situated on the regional road from Črnomelj to Metlika heading to the Otok village, which is 5 km away from Metlika. It represents the...
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Old town of Metlika

3.5 km - 5 mins drive

Among other storeyed houses by the old city ramparts, in the Mestni trg square (Town Square) facing the Church of St Nicholas, Provosts House, and Commandry...
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Arquaelogical Heritage of Podzemelj

3.8 km - 7 mins drive

Within the educational path Kučar-Kolpa it is possible to explore the archaeological heritage of Podzemelj and its close surroundings. On a circular path...
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Metlika's castle

4.1 km - 7 mins drive

Metlika Castle was first mentioned in 1456, but it is unlikely in its design much older. Together with the city is mainly in the 15th and 16th centuries...
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Slovenian Fire Fighting Museum

4.2 km - 7 mins drive

The historical museum is located in the old town core of Metlika in two buildings, which are in the surrounding area of the Metlika castle.In 1869 the...
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Gradac's castle

5.7 km - 9 mins drive

The castle is located on a bend of the river Lahinja and was first mentioned in written sources in 1326 as Gracz. In the beginning of the 17th century...
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The ghotic churches Tri fare

5.8 km - 10 mins drive

The renowned Tri fare pilgrimage center is located in the north-eastern part of the village Rosalnice in Metlika. Pilgrim complex is distinguished by three...
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Vineyard cottage “Soseska Zidanica”, Drašiči

10.0 km - 14 mins drive

The vineyard cottage “soseska zidanica” is located in the cellar of an old house in the centre of Drašiči, next to the Church of St. Peter. It has been...
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Bakery Šrajf and Partisan Museum

11.3 km - 16 mins drive

Homestead Šrajf takes you directly to the heart of the local customs and tradition, by offering an unusual combination of services, ensuring and ultimate...
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Primožičeva House

12.6 km - 16 min drive

The former Maleričeva house in the old town core of Črnomelj was renamed into the Primožičeva house and is dedicated to the teacher and cultural worker,...
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City of Črnomelj

12.6 km - 17 mins drive

A walk around Črnomelj tells the story of the town’s vibrant history. The main square Trg Svobode is surrounded by the medieval castle, commandry of the...
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Town of Semič

12.8 km - 17 mins drive

The administrative seat of the municipality of the same name is geographically limited to the north, its northern fringe extending to the base of Kočevski...
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Črnomelj Municipal Museum

13.0 km - 18 mins drive

The castle is located in the historical centre of Črnomelj. The building was built in 1844 as the first school in Črnomelj on the grounds of a former town...
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14.7 km - 20 mins drive

Adlešiči and several other villages are well known for their cottage industry. Linen, embroidery work, and painted Easter eggs called “belokranjske pisanice”...
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14.9 km - 21 mins drive

The colossal fortress located on the steep rock above the river Kolpa was built in 1557 by the baron Ivan Lenkovič from Žumberak. It served as a successful...
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Ankin his

18.0 km - 24 mins drive

Dragovanja vas 13 Dragovanja vas 8343 Dragatuš Slovenia +386 (0)7 35 40 411, 041 372 821, +386 (0)40 753 383 ankinhis@gmail.com
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20.7 km - 26 mins drive

Dragatuš is a clustered settlement along the road Črnomelj - Vinica, located 8km from Črnomelj. The Church of St. John the Baptist boasts in the town centre....
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Šokčev Dvor, Žuniči

21.4 km - 26 mins drive

Šokčev dvor in Žuniči is a typical Bela krajina farm house of the near Kolpa region, and is one of protected cultural monuments of the Kolpa Regional Park....
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Memorial symbol in Gornje Laze

23.3 km - 33 mins drive

In the village Gornje Laze, a 10-minute drive from Semič, stands a landmark dedicated to the fallen combatants of the 1st Bela krajina troops, founded...
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Stari trg ob Kolpi

30.0 km- 37 min

Stari trg (“The Old Market”) is the largest settlement in Poljanska dolina, and lies 15km from Črnomelj. Its name originates from the period of the Turkish...
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Vinica - The birthplace of the poet Oton Župančič

30.4 km - 35 mins drive

Vinica is a clustered settlement situated high above the river Kolpa, next to the Slovenian-Croatian border, and 18km from Črnomelj. Vinica, inhabited...
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Struga castle

38.2 km - 47 mins drive

Struga Castle is a very well example of a historical castle and a characteristic castle architecture of the 16th century. Due to the distinctive position...
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Mitrej above Rožanec

Mitrej above Rožanec is one of the most attractive archaeological monuments in Slovenia, which is located along the regional road Semič - Črnomelj, in...
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Plague Spot

The plague spot on Trata, along the road to Semič, is one of the oldest and rarest stone signs in Bela krajina. It is a reminder of the plague, which has...
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