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Kolpa River Slovenia


Bela krajina and Metlika's surrounding not-to-miss attractions.

Kmetija Pavlovič - berry plantation

2.8 km - 7 mins drive

Production on the Pavlovič farm is specialized in the integrated production of fruits in indoor and outdoor space.  By visiting the plantation you'll taste...
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Homemade delicacies Mojca - the house of great bread

5.6 km - 9 mins drive

Besides offering excellent pastries, cakes and desserts, Mrs. Mojca Kramarič is operating a bakery school named "School of Baking Bread". Mojca is famous...
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Wine cellar and tourist farm Šuklje

7.3 km - 11 mins drive

Šuklje family has a tradition that is more than 140 year old and started when ancestor Matija Šuklje bought the hill and planted the first grapevine. The...
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Oil mill Pečarič - healing power

10.0 km - 14 mins drive

From the first 350 walnut trees and over 300 hazelnut seedlings in 1990, Pečarič family continued to make oils and reached variety of 20 different cold...
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Bistra Buča: Traditional School Experience

10.8 km - 16 mins drive

The school is intended to promote understanding of Bela Krajina humorous and entertaining way. The idea of designing such schools was born from the famous...
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Semiška penina Simonič - wine that sparkles

11.3 km - 15 mins drive

Alike most families in Bela Krajina, wine production has a long tradition in the Simonič family. In 1998, the Simonič decided to contribute to the wine...
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Primary School Bright Head

11.6 km - 17 mins drive

Primary school BRIGHT HEAD is located in Radovica near Metlika and it is supposed to be a tourist attraction that worth a visit.Its founding father was...
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Medeni butik BIBI - handicraft and souvenir butique

12.9 km - 17 mins drive

BIBI turizem - Belokranjska tradition arose from the love towards Bela krajina's nature, flavors, people and tradition. Bernada, the charming owner, prepares...
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Horse Resort Stariha

13.2 km - 17 mins drive

Riding school of Horse Resort Stariha is running program of Equestrian Federation of Slovenia and the Slovenian Equestrian Academy under the guidance of...
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Restaurant Muller - taste of Bela Krajina

13.3 km - 18 mins drive

Gostilna Muller is a restaurant with an old tradition in the city of Črnomelj which offers a wide selection of typical Bela Krajina dishes including meat...
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Wine cellar Malnarič

14 min - 20 min drive

Malnarič winery is one of the oldest and biggest winery in the Bela Krajina region, that has been operated by Malnarič family for generations. Visiting...
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Handicraft and linen gallery Cvitkovič

14.4 km - 19 mins drive

Domača obrt Cvitkovič is the fabrication of linen the traditional way from centuries ago. Mrs. Cvitkovič is one of a few traditional linen makers in Slovenia....
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Homestead Kuzma - old watermill and rejuvenating beach

15 km - 23 min drive

Watermill Kuzma or, in Slovenian, Grajski mlin and Kuzmina malenica, is situated in the basin below the Pobrežje castle and has helped the ascent of this...
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Homestead farm Zupančič and home of black olm

16.5 km - 22 mins drive

The farm invites you to enjoy the beautiful nature of Bela krajina. There you can see the black cave salamander - (Proteus anguinus), which was discovered...
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Chocolatier & Distillery Berryshka

32.9 km - 38 mins drive

A genuine family creation by a father and son partnership that spans over twenty years, Berryshka is proud to be a Slovenian international award winning...
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