Luxury of freedom


Meet Tomislav, the designer who creates graphic art

After our amazing fashion designer Ana Brozović presenting their both brands BAGGIZ and KOMAD, we are proud to introduce our next designer: Tomislav Brozović from 3na3. Tomislav visited us at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort together with his wife Ana to spend a week in the LUXURY OF FREEDOM finding inspiration and designing amazing new BB items!

Tomislav has worked as a graphic and a product designer for about 18 years and currently he works with his wife for their brands BAGGIZ and KOMAD. In BAGGIZ and KOMAD he creates the graphic models of Ana’s designs, but in his own project 3na3 he does product design. Tomislav’s specialty in his work is print design such as flyers and brochures.

The most difficult project Tomislav ever did was to create advertising for a political company, which meant for him to step in someone else’s shoes as he is not a political person himself. For him, the best part of designer’s work is the creative freedom: he can work wherever he wants to, whenever the inspiration comes. It allows him to be very open minded with his work. That is what he likes the most about our BB Design Year Project also: he has the freedom to choose what kind of new BB items he wants to design!

BB People DY Tomislav Working

BB People DY Tomislav Sketches

When asked about LUXURY OF FREEDOM, Tomislav has the same thoughts of freedom: “it is like having your happy place, the place where you can be all you want to be”. Here at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, by the calmness of the Kolpa River and the green nature, Tomislav had the chance to spend a week absorbing inspiration and creative energy from the surroundings. As soon as he arrived to the resort, he got his idea for a new BB item – a sign for each house!

Tomislav designed a sign with wooden hangers and a printed linen banner. The banner is easy to mount and dismount, so it can serve different purposes such as special occasions, season changing or holidays. The main purpose of the sign is to present the number of the house, and it can be mounted in several positions on the house exterior. We are very excited to see these banners in use!