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Meet Ana, the creator of minimalistic but classic fashion

August at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is again a month filled with creativity and amazing new BB designs! This time we are very proud to introduce our new fashion designer Ana Golubić Brozović from Croatia. Ana and her husband Tomislav Brozović took part in our BB Design Year project presenting all three of their brands: BAGGIZ, KOMAD and 3na3.

Ana graduated from the University of Textile Technology in Zagreb and worked as a costume designer and a freelancer in fashion before starting her own company. After a year of freelancing, she created BAGGIZ, a brand which was born from her love towards bags. Ana has designed various bags, some of which have been awarded with international design awards such as A’design and nominated for the Elle Style Awards.

Ana is leading BAGGIZ together with Tomislav, who does graphic design and transforms Ana’s creativity into digital form. Together they create urban handbags from high quality materials that are 100% fairtrade and locally made. According to Ana, the craziest project they had with BAGGIZ was to design and produce 2300 pieces of one bag. The project was an intense combination of learning and hard work as they started from the very beginning of material production and did everything by themselves.

In addition to her love of bags, Ana really adores designing clothes. Two years ago, she started designing minimalistic, classic and adaptable clothes under the label KOMAD. Their clothes are famous for being multifunctional and wearable in various occasions, and just like BAGGIZ bags, KOMAD’s clothes pursue responsibility on all levels: they use sustainable manufacturing and fair labor, and produce all their products in Croatia.

Ana’s style is minimal designs with a little twist. “My all-time favorite piece to design is jumpsuits. I love wearing them, I love designing them and searching for new jumpsuits. They’re the number one”, she says. For her, the best part in her work is the creativity and the unpredictability: every day is something new.

BB People DY Ana Tomi working

BB People DY Ana working

At the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort Ana enjoyed a full week of peaceful designing in the nature: what made the visit special for her was to be surrounded by trees, by the river and the beautiful BB Houses. “And it’s a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world, that’s the best!”, she says.

During her stay, Ana created amazing new designs for the BB Fashion Design project. As KOMAD, she designed a new BB outfit that consists of three different items: a hat, a shirt and shorts. She designed a uniform that is connected and can be transferred to other brand elements.  As BAGGIZ she designed, of course, a BB bag. The multifunctional bag is made of linen, the traditional material produced in Bela krajina, with a base made from cork. Because of the choice of materials, print and design, the design of the bag can also be translated to other accessories such as an apron, toilet bag or slippers and make full BB accessories collection.

We are eagerly waiting to see these new BB items in use!