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Meet Tanja Pađan, our futuristic fashion designer

After Nika Ravnik, sustainable and organic fashion designer, we are proud to present our second designer for this month of the BIG BERRY Fashion Design Project, Tanja Pađan and her brand KISS THE FUTURE.

Since high school Tanja was making clothes, and she has studied textile and fashion design in Slovenia, Portugal and Hungary. For seven years now she has been a professional in the field and her work has been published in numerous international magazines. Her main inspiration sources are science fiction, urban culture, cinema and experimental video.

For Tanja, the best part of designing is to experiment with fabric, colors and shapes and to tell stories through her work. She usually designs things that are not ordinary fashion but more theatrical clothes. Tanja’s style changes through time: at the moment she is discovering time travel in her designs, which include for example clothing for space.

BIG BERRY People DY Tanja working

BIG BERRY People DY Tanja Sketch

The craziest project Tanja has done was to make the whole human body with all the muscles out of foam and to create a wearable body for it out of latex. She has also created some impressive glowing clothing for a group of performative dancers. This is the kind of unique creativity we like!

Taking part in our BIG BERRY Fashion Design Project, Tanja visited us at our BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort for five days to design a collection of new BB outfit. To stay loyal to her unique style, she wanted to make the collection very special and we can’t wait to see what she will present for us!