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Meet Jona Bednjanec, the knitting queen

After the first two fashion designers, Nika Ravnik and Tanja Pađan, BIG BERRY Kolpa River is proud to welcome the third fashion designer for the BIG BERRY Fashion Design Project: Jona Bednjanec from Domžale, Slovenia. Jona spent five days at our peaceful resort designing new items for BIG BERRY.

Jona Bednjanec is a fashion designer who graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in University of Ljubljana. Currently she is doing her master’s degree and working as a freelancer at Anselma creative coworking studio. She has been on the field for seven years now and for four years she has been focusing on her favorite thing – knitting.

BIG BERRY People DY Jona working

BIG BERRY People DY Jona sketch

Jona is truly a knitting queen – she knits the most colorful garments and textiles with different patterns and special combinations of colors. Her absolute favorite clothing to design are sweaters, in which she can really get creative with textile, colors and patterns. “I like the amount of things you can do out of one thread when you are knitting. It’s like a miracle”.

Since the beginning Jona learned knitting from scratch by herself and with the help of tutorials. Just recently she bought a new knitting software for programming to her knitting machine. Being a self-taught knitter has been a difficult but surely interesting project for her!

Taking part in the BIG BERRY Design Year project, Jona visited us at BIG BERRY Kolpa River resort to knit in her creativity to BIG BERRY’s story. When asked about her favorite item in BIG BERRY, Jona’s answer was obvious: “The knitted puff! Because they are knitted and soft!”. Here at the resort Jona was surrounded by nature and other artists work that gave her inspiration. We can’t wait to have her knittings in our resort!