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Meet Nika Ravnik, the designer for sustainable fashion

After a successful start of the BIG BERRY Fashion Design and Product Design projects of this year, we are proud to present our first fashion designer of this month, Nika Ravnik, who creates sustainable fashion.

Nika is a Slovenian fashion designer, stylist and costume designer who has been educated in Ljubljana, London as well as in Kolding in Denmark. She has been working professionally in fashion design since 2009 and has her own brand. Her work is regularly shown at fashion weeks such as Copenhagen Fashion Week and London fashion Week, and we had the honor to host her just after Berlin Fashion Week!

The important principles for Nika and her work are zero-waste, sustainability and one-size-fits-all. She likes smart and mindful design that is oriented towards sustainability. When Nika designs, she always considers all these elements: not just the nice product in the end, but also the materials used, the shape and the multifunctional design. This way, these principles are present not just in the final product but throughout the whole designing process.

BIG BERRY People DY Nika working

BIG BERRY People DY Nika sketch

For Nika, the best part of her job is the creativity and the possibility to express herself through her work. The craziest project she has done was her final project for university: a coat made out of 1500 epaulets sewn in her own way. This coat was a very intense three-month project that Nika is very proud of: “It was really a piece of art”, she says.

During her visit in BIG BERRY, Nika found the surroundings very inspirational. Though her favorite brand element is the BB Egg Swing Chair, she really likes the whole package: “One without the other wouldn’t have the same effect”, she says. We can’t wait to see the new BIG BERRY clothing she creates for us!