Luxury of freedom


Meet our fashion designer Franka

Our fashion designer, Franka Karin graduated 7 years ago from the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb and is now working in the exact same university. Indeed, she works as the assistant of Irena Šabarić, assistant professor and head of the fashion department of the university. Thus, she has the opportunity to hand down her knowledge and really enjoyed the feeling teaching brings to her.

Our sparkling designer always knew she wanted to be part of the fashion and textile industry. She learnt how to sew when she was around 7 years old with her grandmother who was always sewing at home. She always had new creative ideas to dress her dolls.

Being a fashion designer gives her the opportunity to create new things, but it also allows her to be different than the others, unique, and more importantly, herself. That is why, before working at the University of Zagreb, she worked as a freelancer. She created cloths for herself of course but also for other people who came to her through her Facebook page to buy cloths that she designed and cloths people had already imagined in their head.

What’s best to free one’s creativity and inspiration? There is nothing better than nature and freedom to do so. That’s why, BIG BERRY resort was probably the best place for this creative designer to let it go and free her imagination.


Picture credit;Nita Zeqiri