Luxury of freedom


Meet Irena our Indiana Jones from the fashion industry

After studying fashion and textile technology at the University of Zagreb (Croatia), in the faculty of Textile Technology, Irena Šabarić became an assistant at the same University right after graduation and then became an assistant professor. Holder of a PhD in textile technology and fashion design, Irena is now the head of the fashion department of the University she works for.

She has been teaching for 15 years now and still loves it as much as at the beginning of her teaching career. Seeing her students getting better, learning new things that they consider useful and enjoying it, represents her biggest pride especially when she hears that some students recommend her. And yet, she never thought she would work as a teacher in the university she spent all her student life in. But she apparently seemed to be made for this job since her mentor at the university asked her to be her assistant as soon as she finished her studies.

Our elegant pinup designer from Zagreb has a free, independent spirit. When she has been asked if she has always wanted to work in the design and fashion industry, she explained that she dreamt to do a lot of different jobs when she was younger such as biologist, mathematician, Indiana Jones and others. But in the end her love for fabrics caught her. She learnt how to sew with her mother when she was 15 because she already wanted to have her own cloths that she imagined in her head. This free spirit could not have ended up somewhere else than in BIG BERRY where everything is about nature, adventure, and freedom. 

Picture credit: Nita Zeqiri