Luxury of freedom


Introducing a crazy Russian from Finland – Alisa

My superhero is...

I don’t have any superheroes. I know a lot of great people and I think that people are amazing and wonderful in general. Anybody can be a superhero. For me, all my friends are superheroes just because they can handle a friendship with me.

My staying in BIG BERRY is...

Great! I’m enjoying it. It’s so much better than I could imagine! The weather is nice and natural surroundings are amazingly beautiful.

The song, which describes me the most...

is something like classical music. I love dresses and I love dance waltzes so I’m a typical girly girl and classics suits me. And if you would ask me about my favorite composer, I’d go with Chopin.

My first thought when I heard about BIG BERRY was...

After thinking about a large strawberry when I first heard about BIG BERRY, my second thought was ‘luxury’. And it’s true!

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