Luxury of freedom


Meet Safah - our wanderlust girl from India

From all BIG BERRY destinations, I would like to visit…

Salzburg. Because I’ve heard a lot about Austria being very pretty and historic, and I think Salzburg is the place I would really enjoy being in, because I can explore and find out more about Europe and their culture.


The most amazing thing that I’ve ever done in my life is…

Being here. Being 19 and figuring out how to do something different from what the crowd usually does. I’m just following my dream. Being here on the Internship in Europe is one step closer to my dream. So, for me, getting through this and being here is quite a big deal.


The most inspiring thing in BIG BERRY is…

The people. All the interns are amazing. You don’t really need to be asked to do something. People just volunteer to do some work. This inspires me to learn more and do more. I can feel this change in myself.


If I’d be able to know one more language as a native, it would be…

French. Because it’s a very beautiful language. I feel like it’s not too difficult because the majority of the world speaks French. The culture and history are also very important for me. So, if I'd need to choose one language, it would definitely be this one.

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