Luxury of freedom


Meet Ivan – the effortlessly cool Croatian

My greatest strengths and weaknesses are...

I am very motivated to do work and I always try to find new tasks for myself. I also can quickly find the solution for any problems. And my weakness… Sometimes I’m lazy. That’s it.

If I'd have a chance to use only one product of our partners for a day, it would be...

Danilo, the raspberry wine. Because I like the taste of berries. The wine is healthy and natural.

The most amazing adventure in my life is...

I played a football game and we had 3000 visitors. In the last minutes, I scored a goal in the top corner. I had cheers from all the visitors and it was the best thing for me.

My favorite BIG BERRY Project is...

I would say BIG BERRY Chef. It’s very interesting because of the partners’ involvement. We can help chefs and partners at the same time. It’s a good composition. Things like these are also very popular now.

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