Luxury of freedom


Ariana, our freedom seeking designer


Our 23 year-old-designer from Croatia is among the seven students from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb who came with their professor Irena Šabarić and her assistant Franka Karin to create inspiring designs in BIG BERRY resort.

Ariana comes from a very artistic and creative family, and has consequently always been surrounded by art. She has always liked to draw and sketch things. Studying design was thus obvious for her. As a fashion designer, she can let her creativity goes and bloom without any restriction.

Being surrounded only by nature in BIG BERRY resort inspired her and allowed her creativity to thrive even more. Her experience here was totally in line with her idea of freedom. According to her, freedom is being free from stress, pressure or even deadlines; in short doing one’s job without any stress. This last sentence perfectly summarizes her stay in BIG BERRY.

We are glad for having greeting her and for being here to see her creativity flourish and her ideas take shape.

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