Luxury of freedom


Meet Stjepan, our fashion designer


Our designer Stjepan  is among the seven students from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb who came to BIG BERRY  with their professor Irena Šabarić and her assistant Franka Karin  to design in our luxury of freedom.

In addition to being a great fashion designer, Stjepan is also an amazing photographer. He knows how to catch the best moments with his camera. You will never see him without his camera; wherever he goes, he takes it with him.

Now, he is studying textile engineering and has developed a passion for the whole process of making clothes. Indeed, the whole process of making clothes is not as simple as it may look and this is what Stjepan likes about textile engineering: analyzing the whole process, doing researches and making sketches before having something to be satisfied with.

The idea of freedom is very important for this great designer. In fact, in his opinion, fashion is a synonym of freedom. Stjepan is also a nature lover and likes cycling in nature, notion that he also links to freedom. This idea of freedom that he values so much also consists in being surrounded by nature and connecting this both nature and people.

For this reason, he really enjoyed his time in BIG BERRY and BIG BERRY is so glad for having him here!


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