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Meet Analisa Marić our all-rounder fashion designer


Our designer from Zagreb is among the seven students from the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Textile Technology who came alongside their professor Irena Šabarić and her assistant Franka Karin  to add their special touch to BIG BERRY resort.

This passionate designer is doing a parallel master degree in Industrial Clothing Design and Theory of Culture and Fashion, and is seeking for further development in the field of clothing engineering and technology and theoretical psychoanalysis. She has been developing a passion for fabrics since she’s a little girl and learnt how to sew with her mom when she was around 12; but sewing and designing clothes is absolutely not her only passion. She  finished High School for textile, design and applied for fine arts.

Indeed, this art lover started exhibiting painting in elementary school and discovered statuary which also became one of her passions.

In addition to that this all-rounder is planning to pursue a Phd and to continue learning languages including Russian, Chinese, Italian, Turkish and Hindu. She is also planning to participate in an Erasmus program in Istanbul.

In short, travels, languages, textile industry, fabrics, painting, statuary, psychoanalysis, philosophy and secession are among the numerous passion and interests of our all-rounder and curious designer.

We are so happy for greeting this fresh designer who is always thirsty for cultural and art discovery and new experiences.


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