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Meet the owners of Domačija Šrajf

Credit: BBteam

On the 26th of May, we met with our partner Domačija Šrajf at their home. They were hosting a celebration for the Day of Youth. Originally, it was a key element in the symbolic expression of the “new”, post-war and socialist Yugoslavia. Nowadays, they continue to celebrate this event as a re-enactment of the Ritual.

Domačija Šrajf gave us a warm welcome by offering to us a wide selection of delicious pastries!Kmetija Kočevar and Kmetija Totter were also there to present their products to the public.


Two special types of pastries from their handmade production are buckwheat potica and Belokranjska pogača. Their recipes are originally from the region of Bela Krajina. Beside the pastries, Šrajf makes various types of cake, such as walnut, tarragon, buckwheat, Gottschee, carob, crackling, raisin, coconut, chocolate, nuts and poppy, as well as various types of bread, cookies and other pastries. Their cakes are baked with less sugar and without the raising agents.


Domačija Šrajf’s products are a part of the BBbreakfast basket. Their taste brings you freshness and marks the beginning of a relaxing day at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River.


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