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BB Toy Box


BIG BERRY small wooden box on wheels transport or you can also call it rolling trolley are guaranteed fun for kids at the same time it assists in carrying the woods and small amount of stuff from one place to another.
It‘s very useful tool to maintain the resort, garden, because there is always a need to transport or storage something at time. It‘s also perfect for kids. The toy storage with wheels makes it easy for children to collect and move toys from one garden side to another.
Tools like this are very helpful in any kind of scenarios, because you do not need to use your back, it‘s reduce transportation time, and simplifies the transportation process.
The versatile trolley with pulling handle, tires make the trolley easy to maneuver in restricted areas.
The trolley can carry toys, heavy things, plants, veggies or anything you need with an ease.


  • Transportation for heavy things
  • Storage (toys,wood)