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BB Stamp


Do you remember those movies and stories about how the kings were validating the document and letters with the wax seal?

BB has a special branding stamp just for you – the medieval wax sealer just like they did in the middle ages. The long history of using symbols to authenticate kings and the medieval trade markers is the key to success. However, the use of wax seals largely disappeared along with the popularity of handwritten correspondence. Nevertheless, people like us are still using it. All those stories inspired the BB to have the stamps for ourselves. It‘s great because we love details and somehow that brings our origins back to heraldry age!

We believe that the wax seals give a personal touch, adds unique character, and gives a classic feel. Adding the wax seal to your envelope is a great way to infuse some elegancy. You can use the wax stamp for the decorative purposes or actually seal the envelope that makes a letter much more special. The wax stamps can be used for various decoration purposes; for example, hand-made touch to invitations, certificates and even for chocolates; also, some products like wine bottles can be marked in this way and of course sealing letters. There are two main ingredients needed to create your seals, melted wax and the BB stamp.