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BB numerology


BIG BERRY is a brand of facts and figures, which believes in the power of numbers.  Particularly, the brand’s favourite is number 3, around which the story has been revolving since the very beginning. It all started with 3 main pillars of the company and everything else just continued to follow this number which now has become a part of BIG BERRY identity. 

 - 3 different types of the houses: brown, brown, orange

 - Each of the 3 different houses outside has 3 different colours 
 - Each house inside has 3 different layouts for 2,4 and 6 people
 - Each layout inside of the houses has 3 different furniture colours 

- There are 3 different types of sofas with 3 different  colours for each type 
- There are 3 different types of terraces for each house , 
- Each type  of the 3 terraces has 3 different  colour
- House facade  is made from the panel in 3 different sizes
- Houses, BBQ house, lounge houses and waste bins all have roof angle of 33 percent
- There are 3 different types of BB icons
- There are 3 different  types of BB magazines
- The BB website uses layout divided by 3
- There are 3 different  pillars:  feel, join and create