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Meet Tina Crnkovič, our queen of homemade pizza and expressive designer

Our fifth fashion and textile design student from the department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering - University of Ljubljana is the talented and funny Tina Crnkovič from Zagorje. We spend 3 amazing days with her here at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River.

Tina has many layers: a fashion and textile designer, food and car enthusiast, co-owner of the adorable dog Effi and the queen of the homemade pizza! But be careful, we said HOMEMADE with local ingredients - and without pineapples.

When she was young, she always had a problem with learning and memorizing things. She discovered that she was more capable with her hands. To hold and to touch instead of observing is her way to know how things work. Because of all these reasons, Tina wanted to study somewhere where she could express herself through handwork.

Not really a fan or follower of fashion, she prefers the idea of designing something for someone or for yourself so it’s can be unique. Recycling and sustainable development are also two important concepts in her process of creation. During her second year: she created the “upcycle chair” a redesigned and recycled chair formed with trash and Jacquard fabric.

We are delighted to have both her and of course Effi at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River.

 Tina Crnkovic 2nd picture

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