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Meet Peter, our local boy and next star designer from Metlika


Many designers from all over Europe and Asia participated in our BB Design Year Project, so it was special to host a BB Product Designer from Metlika, a town very close to our beloved resort. Peter Vukovič found his love for creativity at an early age but wasn’t sure which path he’s gonna choose.

‘’I don’t know my path yet. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me.’’

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He decided to become a student at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and he couldn’t be happier about that decision. The explanation why he enjoys his faculty, reminded us very much of BIG BERRY. He feels like a part of a big (read BIG) family, spending much time with other students and professors on projects resulted in a strong bond which generates fruitful results. The effort from Peter and his colleagues from college resulted in two creative and incredible designs for an upcoming BB Pavillion and BB Breakfast basket, that our guests will enjoy and make our BIG BERRY Kolpa River Luxury Lifestyle Resort even more unique. When asked about future plans, he explained us that he isn’t planning ahead so far. Unstressed designing in the nature reminds him always to live in the moment. Once the mind is focused on the present, it’s easy to understand and feel the surroundings which inspired Peter and the other students. One will always give his best if he is focused on the current situation, instead of losing sight by thinking about future life. We fully agree with him. Furthermore, we believe that today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present.

‘’It’s important to respect nature and compliment it with your design.’’

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In every big (again, read BIG) idea there is a small start. For Peter, the designing process starts with the most important tool in his opinion - a simple pen. His talent and love for drawing is the best way to visualize an initial idea that began in his mind. As a local guy, he highly appreciates the efforts from our side to gather so many talented designers in one place. Not only that our resort is unique, it also makes the region we’re located special. He hasn’t heard of a similar project so he is very happy that our Design Year Project is taking place in his neighborhood.

By Ivan Stimac