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4th BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018: Mireille Van Bremen Part 2

Building trust in personal and business relationships Part 2

We were very pleased to welcome Mireille Van Bremen once again, to hear the second part of her talk "Building trust in personal and business relationships", at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River on the 5th of June 2018.

''Feelings are like a compass''

Originally from the Netherlands, Mireille van Bremen has been living in Slovenia since 2006 and now owns her own company: Empathic Pathway. She works with entrepreneurs and leaders from all over the world who are passionate about communication, empathy, leadership, creativity, collaboration and peace and supports them in getting their message across empathically and visually. She aspires to use her 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of Visual Communication and Nonviolent Communication, to get people to understand her views in order to build respectful relationships and mutual collaborations. She is usually hired as a visual facilitation trainer & coach, a graphic recorder or as a communication trainer & coach.

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The thing that Mireille is most proud of would be her skill to empathize with herself which she has especially developed over the past few years. It helps her to be very resilient and to respond to situations as they occur, because it is not always easy to live abroad and to run a business as a foreigner.

''The basics from making choices start from needs''

Mireille continued the second part of her talk about "Building trust in personal and business relationships" with the focus on making choices. Since many people heard that her first speech was very interesting and interactive, new faces showed up at BIG BERRY and Mireille was happy to introduce herself once again. She started her speech with the following question: ‘’What motivated you to sit here in this chair?’’ After hearing many of our answers, our BB Mastermind started writing down the keywords. Some of the keywords were ‘curiosity’, ‘learning’, ‘growth’, ’meaning’,...

''I don’t think that the pyramid has a top, because you spend your whole life learning''

It was interesting to hear all the people discussing the topic. After collecting all our answers, Mireille smiled and asked: ‘’Nobody thought it’s gonna be fun?’’ After that moment, the atmosphere became very relaxed and we enjoyed her positive attitude. She then explained the connection between needs, feelings and choices. It seems like everyone is chasing money nowadays, but ultimately it’s only a tool to fulfill your needs. Once they are fulfilled, you become a more open minded person who has no fear of making choices. One important aspect is the community- the people which surround you. Mireille admitted that she never felt such a strong connection in the community like she did in Slovenia. She also mentioned Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This concerned the fact that before you can even make the right choice, your existential needs have to be fulfilled. The next topic was about how to say ‘’no’’ to a request. When you hear a request which sounds like a demand, it’s not easy to answer correctly. It feels like giving up if you answer positively. To respond with a ‘no’, you need a lot of courage, and you need to be aware of possible consequences that could shake up your inner peace. At the end of the talk, Mireille asked us if our needs are met. She was referring to the notes from the beginning as well as our expectations to which all of us gave a positive answe. BIG BERRY would be pleased to welcome Mireille again for a part three of her talk.

 ''Even when my courage falters, I will speak up''

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By Ivan Stimac