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Seventh product designer of the 2018 season

August is the month of product designers here at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort! This time we had the pleasure to host two product and graphic designers from Croatia, Ivona Miloš and Ena Priselec. Ena is a designer who creates socially aware designs and shares her knowledge through workshops with educative, inclusive and socially aware character.

When arriving at BIG BERRY, the BB designers are introduced to the resort with a mural walk that tells the stories behind the beautiful BB Art Colony murals. On her first day, Ena also got familiar with the Bela krajina region: we all visited Česnovanje garlic festival at Kmetija Zupančič, one of our BIG BERRY partners. At Česnovanje Ena and Ivona learned about many local producers who were displaying their products at the venue, and later we enjoyed delicious local fish and locally grown vegetables for lunch!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ena Arrival

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ena Cesnovanje

At BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort Ena enjoyed the inspiring beauty of the surroundings: she spent her evenings watching the stars and enjoyed swimming in the Kolpa river. During her stay we even had our annual Astronomy night, where we gathered all together to listen a lecture about perseids before we headed to the end of the resort to watch this magical meteor shower live.

Ena and Ivona truly had the full experience at BIG BERRY: enjoying their breakfast basket on the terrace, working in the calm atmosphere of their own BB House, having a cozy movie night outside with the BB open air cinema and ending the night in the luxurious BB hot tub! All this was, of course, to balance the productive working time and relax the mind and to allow creativity to flow!

During her stay, Ena applied her usual designing approach - she started from her own experience of staying at the resort and she continued with deep research of different relations in the resort. We can not wait to see design results of this detailed approach!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ena woking in house

BIG BERRY Stories DY Ena sketch

After four full days of activities and new ideas, it was time for Ena and Ivona to finish their designs and head home. Before their departure, though, we shared some special moments as a new group of BB designers, Tea Tadej, Damla Teoman and Marko Mikičić, arrived and we all had BB lunch together on the terrace!

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