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BB Love mural by Dejan Kralj


BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so BB Art Colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river.Dejan Kralj, art professor by education; illustrator, graphic designer and 3D animator by profession and astronaut at heart, has created a stunning mural that represents the greatest driving force - love.

The concept 

This is the dreamiest mural in BIG BERRY, which is made by Slovenian artist Deajn Kralj and which represents love. Dejan spent two weekends in BIG BERRY in order to finish the mural – one of which was rainy and decisive in wiping away the fruits of his work, and the other one which was beautifully warm and sunny, filled with productiveness and laughter.

BB AC 2019 Dejan Kralj

Here you can read more about Dejan Kralj.

"To be honest, I had the sketch ready from before," Dejan admitted, and when his sketch matched the theme he got, he decided to paint it on one of the boxes. “It's about two people among which you can feel the love and they are on a flying dragon. They have no control, but they are on it, flying together," he explained, adding that it was "a kind of metaphor for love."

Although the man and woman are portrayed on the mural, it is also a metaphor and simply represents two people who love each other. The unyielding, wild, almighty and crazy love he created certainly reflects in part his love for artist Anja Polh, who painted a mural BB Influencers for us. Indeed, in his example, Dejan made a kind of triumph of love and showed that it is necessary to fight for everything you love without fear. The most important is love. 

Symbolism in the mural 

The mural represents the description of love. A feeling we all know and strive for. Loving our partners, children, families, pets, friends, nature or loving ourselves. In any case, love is the most magnificent feeling of them all. 

BB Art Colony 2019 BB love2

BIG BERRY is characterized by a variety of events that are inspired by love - from weddings, birthday celebrations, romantic dinners under oak trees, to summer loves, happy playing with dogs in the wild, walking with our grandmothers along the banks of the Kolpa river or loving ourselves when we take that precious time for ourselves. All of these are love manifestations, which we are all familiar with and for which BIG BERRY is the happiest to host.

The process of making the mural

Dejan already made murals, more of them at the beginning of his career. “It's great for me to do this, although whenever I'm doing it, I'm physically tired afterwards. And you are always in an unfamiliar place and in weird poses and your back always hurts, but somehow you fall in and you are in a strange state of mind. Also, I'm usually very non-social during this time. It is a completely different feeling."

BB AC 2019 Dejan Kralj BB love mural BB love BB AC 2019

Ideas for photographs 

The mural is the perfect backing for all lovers, couples, kisses, for the perfect wedding shot, for those in love with life itself. For those who, at some point, felt the passion and irresistible power of love. For those who like to feel the power of letting the dragon ride through life. And last but not least for all fantasy fans and fans of Game of Thrones.

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