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BB Empire - #7 Poland

Between rivers, woods, lakes and hills you can find cities that capture your attention for its architecture and its own nature. Poland is the next country on our palette and it’s the country of birth of our graphic designer Nika
Welcome to the seventh episode of BB Empire!

To portray the history of Poland it’s imperative to go back in time and to relive the battles and twists that took place in the fantastic and monumental castles that outline the country. You should visit the Wawel Royal Castle, a true hotspot in the middle of Kraków. There, you can also visit the Rynek Główny, Europe’s largest market square. 
When you arrive to Poland, you can still feel the atmosphere of the tragic war that divided the world, in the middle of the last century. Thousands of museums and monuments in honor of the victims and their families can be seen everywhere. This is the perfect combination for history lovers.

 If you’re a food lover, and you appreciate the way your grandmother used to cook, Poland would be the right place for you. Polish food is based on delicious ingredients from small farms, such as pork, mushrooms, beetroot and onion. What about the dessert? Cream cakes, apple strudel, pancakes and fruit-filled dumplings. The difficult thing is to choose!

Away from the big cities, you can find quiet places surrounded by immersive nature. You can also spend several days enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains on southern border.
Here are some of the top attractions:

Malbork Castle
Bialowieza Forest
Gdansk Old Town
Masurian Lakeland

Take a look at the photos and enjoy the fantastic destinations in a country full of diversity. 
BB Empire is made of people. Thank you Nika!

Author: Bruno Santos