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Third designer of the 2018 season

After two amazing student designer groups from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb and from the department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering - University of Ljubljana, BIG BERRY Kolpa River had the delightful pleasure of hosting Katarina Bilan for the BB Fashion Design Project. This ingenious professional fashion and costume designer, owner of Dott. brand and founder of Krug store, came to decorate our LUXURY OF FREEDOM with stripes and dots.

It was a four-day experience that our BB Fashion Designer and BB Team enjoyed and will surely remember! After Katarina’s arrival from Split on Thursday morning, we welcomed her in a traditional BIG BERRY fashion - with coffee, tea, some sweets, as well as greetings and laughs. After that we went on the famous mural walk and to explore the rest of the resort.

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After she finished unpacking in her BB House, Katarina went to our BB Partner Gostilna Müller with members of our team to have an amazing lunch - delicious local fish. The afternoon was dedicated to the presentation of BB brand and BB elements and for the first designing session. We spent the evening together at the BB Barbecue house and had a funny game night. Katarina also took the opportunity to try the BB Hot Tub before going to bed!

Friday was an action-packed day! In the morning, Katarina took some time at the BB Barbecue house to capture the rays of sunshine in this beautiful nature. It was a true moment of inspiration which she can easily incorporate in her future designs. We can imagine that transforming the feeling of freedom into amazing designs can burn a lot of energy, which is why we took our BB Fashion Designer to our BB Partner Gostišče Veselič, one of our favorite places to eat!

In the afternoon, we went to visit our BB Partner Domača Obrt Cvitkovič, a family and ancestral linen fabric. Both Katarina and the BB Team had the chance to learn about the history of the region and the process of making products made of linen in Bela krajina. We even saw the 200-year-old wooden machine which is still used to create linen fabric. It was an amazing and interesting experience that coincided perfectly with the work of our fashion designer. Our designer didn’t leave with empty hands. Katarina received Pisanice, Bela Krajina’s traditional Easter eggs, before leaving this beautiful place.

IMG 0310

We finished the day with a touristic and friendly walk through Črnomelj.

On Saturday, Katarina had some time in the morning to design. We then took her to Krupa, a well-known place of the region, where we enjoyed a quiet moment by the river. After that we went to Gostilna Müller once again, because we can never get bored of their good food! The afternoon was dedicated to designing in nature. We ended the day with a cozy movie night on the terrace.

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On Sunday, it was sadly time to say goodbye. After completing the designs and having a BB lunch, we said goodbye to our sweet fashion designer.

Our designer, full of playfulness, femininity and joy, amazed us with her creativity and kindness during the four days of her stay. She totally absorbed the BIG BERRY environment which ‘opened her mind’, as she said so herself. We can’t wait to see her fantastic designs, such as aprons, uniforms, bags and little dots she had imagined!

BIG BERRY is pleased to have welcomed this amazing Croatian professional designer and glad to have had the chance to spend so many good moments with her, here at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort.

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By Augustin Martinez

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