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Inspiring intro in the final week of Design Year


Slowly and almost without a notice we have slipped into the last days of BB Design Year project for this season at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort. On 18th and 19th of September we had an opportunity to host important name from Croatian product design scene, Simon Morasi Piperčić, who added a twist to our last week of BB Design Year project.

Besides having his own successful brand  which he started 5 years ago, Simon has been designing for different studios and companies, such as Prostoria  to BoliaLigne Roset (Traverse bench) and Woud.

This time, he has decided to join and become a part of BB story, which couldn’t make us happier.

Simonn Morasi

students and morasii

Simon came to advise last BB designers of the season, students of Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana  and share his experience and knowledge from a pure designer’s perspective, in order to get to the best ideas and solutions for the next BB product, which would perfectly fit BIG BERRY style, in both visual and functional sense.

Every once in a while we need a gentle push and guidance in order to give a direction to our ideas and encouragement to make them into realization. This time, we can easily say that Simon was here to guide the students by an example, showing that a good idea and hard work with a pinch of boldness are the winning combination for success.

Two days of brainstorming, workshops and consultations seemed to be quite fruitful.  



With a help of creative minds of architecture students led by mentors Rok Žnidaršič  and Katarina Čakš, together with Simon’s experience and advisory, the big idea for new BB product was born - building a multifunctional pavilion in the resort and construction of multifunctional BB Dropbox!

Both days passed by in a smooth, soothing and creative atmosphere. On Monday, after the arrival and brief introduction about the brand, project and unofficial networking over lunch, Simon had a presentation of his work, experience and designing ideas. After, the evening was followed by casual a chit-chat over music and a glass of local wine from Šuklje winery.

The second day was composed of two parts of the workshops led by Simon, where he presented the demonstrations of different designing techniques which would help the future architects to have a holistic overview in order to get the most functional and practical solutions while designing the pavillon under supervision of their mentors, Rok and Katarina.

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DSC 0810

After the whole day of innovations, the students got plenty of new, fresh ideas and couldn’t wait to put them into realization in the following days of their stay in BIG BERRY.

How the rest of the designing story has continued with our last, but definitely not the least designers, check here!


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