Luxury of freedom


A perfect combination of product and fashion design, only in BIG BERRY!

The last designs BB Design Year project hosted in 
BIG BERRY Kolpa River Lifestyle Resort, from 13th to 16th of September, couldn’t be any more inspiring. Ana Kulić, owner of Shinobi, and Elena Dušej, owner of REIN, are both currently working in the design industry, product and fashion design, respectively, and they are the best combination of what one can call professionalism, strong knowledge of their fields and creativity.

As Elena has as her main product handmade raincoats and Ana hooded towels and hammocks, BB Kolpa was also the best environment for them to get inspired and start developing some new brand accessories that would match BIG BERRY lifestyle, which finds home in nature, mobility and smart design.

BIG BERRY Design Year Ana and Elena 2

During four days in which Ana and Elena had a full agenda of work, both of them showed how design, functionality, luxury and freedom go well when combined together and that a well-thought-out design has everything to do with facilitating people’s daily-life, finding, finally, real meaning for the brand slogan: LUXURY OF FREEDOM.

In the program prepared for both designers, which were working in two different projects but collaborating and spending time together, they had a full schedule of work but also great and fun moments in the river, movie night in a warm and cozy end of summer evening, lunch at Mueller, BIG BERRY partner, and even a Korean birthday celebration, since one of the BIG BERRY intern, from Korea (Hoon), prepared a great dinner to celebrate his own birthday with his BG BERRY family.  

BIG BERRY Design Year Ana and Elena 3

But as everything that is good ends fast, Ana’s and Elena’s stay has come to an end, however, it was the perfect scenario for a “closing” since they had planned a presentation of the projects done during the three previous days. The event, followed by BIG BERRY crew and Maja Ogrizović, the BB Design Year project manager, was a success and a preview of what they have produced can be seen in some great pictures.

BIG BERRY Design Year Ana and Elena 4

Looking forward to seeing new BB brand elements designed by these versatile designers!!

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