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Final touch - Young talents concluding Design Year at BIG BERRY


Together with the yellow color of the tree leaves, we started noticing that our design story is slowly coming to an end for this season, at least when it comes to hosting the designers, who represent the soul of BB Design Year project and make everything feel more alive here at Kolpa River.

Slowly, the final week of the project sneaked in, when from 17th to 21st of September we hosted last designers in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Lifestyle Resort. Although we’ve seen it coming, no one seemed to be fully prepared for it. But having a big group of young hopes and some familiar faces around again, made this process more pleasant. This time, we had the chance to welcome back Rok Žnidaršič, who already left an important trace in the project as part of architecture studio Medprostor by designing BB Zen Area together with Jerneja Fischer Knap. Finding the concept and project quite inspiring, this time he decided to return alongside with his assistant Katarina Čakš and bring the students from Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana in order to create something more.


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On Monday, 17th of September, we welcomed 6 students of architecture: Anja Jezernik Knaus, Kristina Breznik, Peter Vukovič, Donna Dreisiebner, Marcel Vičič and Andreja Benedejčič, who were excited to spend a week in the resort and let their creative minds work under the mentorship of Rok and Katarina. Besides that, during 2 days students also had an opportunity to hear and learn more about the perks of product designs by working with Simon Morasi Piperčić, an award winning product designer from Croatia, who was advising the young architects about the implementation and functionality of product designing techniques.  

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On Tuesday, students took part in two workshops led by Simon, where they spent plenty of time brainstorming and trying to find the best solutions for new BB elements, the multifunctional pavillon and BB Dropbox, multifunctional brand element as well, which design would reflect both functional and visual aspects of BB brand. The main task was to consider the multifunctionality of design and approach it from architectural perspective.

On Wednesday and Thursday students had the freedom to let their creativity and knowledge speak for itself by creating the new element, alongside with supervisors Rok and Katarina. They were placing the ideas on one spot and trying to put them together, where BB mobile board  found to be very handy at moments.

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During those days, students really had the chance to experience the brand through different activities and events, which were serving as networking activities and sources of inspiration. Evening yoga session over the sunset, BB mastermind with famous Slovenian photographer Borut Peterlin and movie nights in cozy atmosphere were all part of the experience that made BIG BERRY a pleasant place to work and once again show the perks of the Workation concept.   

On Friday, while enjoying one of the last rays of summer sun on the open air terrace, students presented new BB elements. The presentation was going viral on BB Facebook page, where all the interested could take a peak and follow up. In the end, as a final goodbye gesture, they left their mark by placing the BB button on a tree and headed back home.

By sending off the last participants of BB Design Year project from the resort, we are left with nothing but amazing results and inspiring creations, which makes us look forward to the next steps of the project with an excitement.

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