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BB Product Design

BIG BERRY interacts with the environment to create symbiosis between nature and industry.

Product Design is part of Design Year Project which gathers industrial designers  and architects who are inspired by current design of BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Resort and the brand elements. The aim of the projects is to become total design resort, while encouraging international collaboration and connecting designers with local factories.

Product designers are invited to redesign or develop new designs of elements that are or would be placed in the BBhouse and in the lifestyle resorts. All the brand elements are placed on a list of products for new destinations from which each investor needs to choose certain amount according to franchise agreement.

Designers are searched to design their own unique product but with specific brand guidelines. For each person in the project the marketing team of BIG BERRY is developing individual promotion through all company channels and each element will carry their signature.

Without a person behind the item, there is just an object without the name - become BIG BERRY Product designer!

Developed @BIG BERRY Kolpa River, #Slovenia!

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