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Radio Odeon

Radio 1 Odeon is a local radio station broadcasting across Bela Krajina region. Its program features news, current affairs, talkback, entertainment, sport, music and local affairs. Radio's frequency is 89,5 MHz and major news can also be found on the official webpage. The website has between 25 and 57 thousand visitors per week and that's an impressive number for Bela Krajina. The main goal of radio station and website is to provide objective news to the local population and to inform them about cultural, sports and other important events of the region. Without any doubt, one of the best communication channels to spread and promote the events that BIG BERRY Kolpa River carries out.

Radio Odeon
Semiška cesta 4
8340 Črnomelj

P: 07/35-67-810
E: [email protected]

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