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#Adopt an Intern in Kmetija Kočevar

Picking the hemp flowers can be one of the funniest “jobs” ever done. Kočevar – the “hemp guy”, Nika – the adopted intern and Matko - the photographer, arrived at the field on a sunny and very hot morning. Getting lost in this 2,5m high jungle full of scratchy leaves is a mysterious experience. The smell of hemp is intense but rather pleasant. The flowers on the upper part of the plants had to be cut with special garden scissors.

Kočevar has an extensive knowledge about health benefits of hemp and likes to share it. The industrial hemp is still underestimated in the general opinion because it is often mistaken for other Cannabis species. It is legal because the amount of THC (the psychoactive substance that makes you high) is very low. The plant is safe and keeps all the healthy values so it can be used for many purposes like medicine, fabric, food. After the flowers dry, the seeds are squeezed to oil and leaves are ready to be processed, for instance to tea infusion or liquor. All the products have the distinctive taste and smell.

The group collected a full trailer of flowers in just a couple of hours and happy with this result could finish their job. After return to the resort, the whole team gathered around the car to see the crops. From part of flowers and fruits, Nika prepared smoothie – healthy and refreshing drink, perfect for this hot, summer afternoon. The reception was decorated with the fresh leaves so the smell of hemp and the good mood were spread in the air for all the rest of the day. 

Written by: Nika Fleszar

Photos by: Matko Meštrović

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