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#Adopt an Intern in Ekološka Kmetija Totter

DID YOU KNOW that June is National Dairy Month? That cows can memorize faces and remember their names? Fresh milk will stay fresh longer if you will add a pinch of salt into it? Now we know! 

In terms of the project ‘Adopt an intern’, our funny Croatian guy Ivan visited Totter together with BIG BERRY team in order to help and to know more about the process of production. 

Ekološka Kmetija Totter is a local dairy products producer with Ciril Totter in charge. The farm has its own goats, chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, dogs (to keep other animals safe) and, of course, a cat. Kmetija Totter makes the best bio eco-friendly salamis, cheeses, yogurts, milk and other dairy products, which you can find in a breakfast basket from BIG BERRY.

The process of producing any of dairy products takes longer than one might think. Together with the team, Ivan helped Mr. Totter to make more of healthy treats! Mixing the milk and pouring it into bottles takes not only the ability to be precise but also patience (in case you need to make a lot of bottles). ‘I’m putting all my effort!’, says proud Ivan while mixing the cheese in a big pot. What is interesting, you need to keep the cheese in while pouring the water to make it softer. The hardest job was on the shoulders of our Spanish part of the team, Pau. He needed… to finish the leftovers of the yogurt! We should say, he managed just perfectly.

The last part of the tour was the funniest. Milking the goats! It’s hard to compete with Ciril but Ivan tried his best. ‘Gimme! Gimme!’, asking Ivan a goat with the hope in his voice. Sorry, Ivan, but to successfully milk a goat you need more skills than just a nice way of asking! The unique experience of milking goats will definitely stay in the memory of Croatian guest and the team.

Daily dairy products by Ekološka Kmetija Totter are the best treat you can have in your breakfast basket by BIG BERRY. And now the team made sure everything is natural and amazingly delicious!

Watch our vlog, get to know more about the place of Totter and see the cute animals here 


Written by: Alisa Kivirian

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