Luxury of freedom


Meet Marcel, the upcoming altruistic architect


How would you imagine our BIG BERRY resort if you hear about it the first time? Located in a quiet area with natural surroundings, right at the Kolpa river doesn’t sound so exciting. Especially for someone who loves a big city life like Marcel Vičič. He was part of a group of Architecture students from Ljubljana, which participated in our BB Design Year Project. Mentored by talented and internationally recognised designer Simon Morasi Piperčić, Marcel and his colleagues created amazing designs for our BIG BERRY Kolpa River Luxury Lifestyle Resort. After some time spent in BIG BERRY, Marcel changed his initial thinking about this place. So many activities and events are taking place and our BB Product Designer soon realised how exciting things can get here.

‘’In architecture you create something that will make other people’s lives better.’’

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Marcel is a person who sees the bigger picture in his studies, but also in life. For him, architecture isn’t only about creating a nice building, it’s about positive social changes it could evoke. In our LUXURY OF FREEDOM, Marcel and other students designed a future BB Pavillion and BB Breakfast box. When trying to find out what freedom would be for Marcel, he explained how complex the idea of freedom actually is. If you’re free of your thoughts, there are no ambitions that would thrive you to develop in life. No goals you would follow and therefore no enjoyment. The closest he can get to a meaning of freedom would be the privilege of choice. To do what he wants, when and in his own way. For now, he finds it very enchanting to create something that other people will use and cherish. Marcel cherishes filmography, especially the work of Wes Anderson. Thinking about the pantone perfection in his movies and stories that everyone can relate to, we understand why Marcel likes his work. We can see some connection between Mr Anderson and Marcel, who emphasizes imagination as an important tool for designing. It’s crucial not to be constrained and find the will to create something astonishing.

‘'I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.'’

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When we ask people what’s their favorite item in BIG BERRY, we usually get compliments about our comfy BB Butterfly chair, open spaced BBQ or recognisable Mini cars, but Marcel was the one who fell in love with the tasty craft beer from our BB Partner Vizir. Just like the magic potion from Asterix and Obelix, Vizir beer was the fuel for Marcel to successfully design new BB elements for us. Cheers to that!

By Ivan Stimac