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Meet Kristina, our intuitive BB Product Designer


Kristina Breznik was part of our BB Design Year along with other students, who came to BIG BERRY in order to create something unique for our resort, that we could implement as our very own BB elements one day. She just finished her Architecture study but we are sure that there’s a successful career starting just now for this motivated BB Product Designer. When talking about architecture, there will always be various projects with different solutions. This is one of the main reasons why Kristina loves architecture. She adores the process of finding answers to different problems because every new project is another chance to learn and develop. A help in her development was definitely Rok Žnidaršič, Kristina’s profesor at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and well known participant of our BB Design Year Project.

‘’What is new, is always welcomed.’’

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After finishing the design process in BIG BERRY, Kristina wants to find an internship in Europe to gain more experience as an architect. She already spent one year as an intern in Lisbon and would like to repeat this valuable time again in another country. Even though she loves to travel, Kristina wasn’t disappointed at all that our resort is located in her home country. She described BIG BERRY as an ideal place to get creative, because it’s so easy to feel the space, nature and community. We can be proud of ourselves, since this is exactly what we aim for in one of our main brand pillars - FEEL.

‘’I feel free when I can think and feel in my own way and express my emotions.’’

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Another thing we are very proud of is the relaxed atmosphere and our natural environment which hugely benefits the designing process. Kristina agreed that it’s great to design in the beautiful nature of our BIG BERRY Kolpa River Lifestyle Resort because of its simplicity. Her most important tools for designing are also very simple - sketchbook and pencil. She explained us that every complex and great idea starts with little steps. A pencil and a clean sheet of paper are the perfect way to visualise the original idea. This reminds us very much of our BB Design Year, which also started with a simple idea and grew up to a recognised platform in which so many brilliant designers contributed, just like Kristina.