Luxury of freedom


Introducing Bruno – a Portuguese perfectionist

My Top 3 countries to visit are...

In one hand, France because, last year, I have been developing a strong and emotional relationship with Paris (The City of Love). In another hand, Denmark and the Scandinavian culture, that for me have the most organized system of living on earth. And finally, Portugal, a small European country that has everything (beach, mountain, cities - you never get bored).

If I could travel in time, I would go...

To the French royal court during the time that the Palace of Versailles was built, in order to see the tools and the "primitive machines" that the workers used to construct that extravagant castle.

If I could learn how to do something in a second (like singing, dancing, doing a flip), I would choose...

To learn how to sing, because our voice is the most important and powerful tool that we have to communicate with others.

For me, BIG BERRY in 3 words is...

Feel, create and join! These are the three pillars that are at the origin, vision, and concept of the brand.


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