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Danilo Pavlovič - the strawberries come with a smile

The first time Danilo came to BIG BERRY was all about presenting, promoting and of course tasting is raspberry wine. Already back then we had lots of fun, telling him what to say and make him smile in the camera for hours. Little did we expect that very soon we will be addicted to the products from Kmetija Pavlovič, the fruit and vegetable farm Danilo owns. Danilo sweetened our early summer weeks with his delicious strawberries which we consumed en masse. But it is not only the fruit itself, it is the highly biological care of the fruit plantations and the bright and loving smile Danilo has in his face when we come to get more and more.

To share Danilo's company is pure pleasure. He is always in for a joke and to shake off a leg with us on the BIG BERRY terrace. Even though the strawberry season is over we cannot wait for you to come back to BIG BERRY, Danilo!