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6th BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018: Starkmat

Credit: BB Team

Learning about FEEL, JOIN, CREATE

For the first time ever at BIG BERRY Kolpa river we hosted three interesting Masterminds at once at the Mastermind Jam event on the evening of June 16th 2018. Tomaž Aupič, Sebastjan Štarkel and Mateja Vrščaj from Starkmat s.p. came to talk to us about their work and their successful Active Chair project. What made this Mastermind event especially interesting was how our speakers linked their speeches with the FEEL, JOIN and CREATE concept

 "People are made to be in these three pillars, not only companies or products, but personally as well"

Starkmat is a company based in Črnomelj that offers marketing and design solutions to different companies and develops innovative products. Their main project is Active Chair, a chair that allows you to move in a natural way while sitting. This innovative product is already known in Slovenia and is starting to spread internationally. The team behind the project consists of three hard-working people: Tomaž is an industrial designer and designer of visual communications, Sebastjan is managing sales, finances and stocks and Mateja is managing the customer support, social media and public relations. They all agree with us that one of the most important things in a company is to have a good core team – the FEEL pillar.

BIG BERRY Mastermind Starkmat speaking
Credit: BB Team

BIG BERRY Mastermind Starkmat audience
Credit: BB Team

 "We often say that our vision with Active chair is for it to be a synonym for healthier sitting"

The first launch in 2016 was the Active Chair Kids that has an adorable look of a mushroom. Many health benefits of the Active Chair show us why it is important what type of chair our children are growing up on: the chair strengthens the core muscles and improves balance and coordination. From the very beginning, Tomaž, Sebastjan and Mateja knew that their product is beneficial for health, but people didn’t yet know they needed it. That is when they started to build the brand with the help of their social network and reviews from experts – a connection with the CREATE pillar.

The Active Chair project started only two years ago and had a great start: While combining the three pillars of FEEL, JOIN and CREATE, the team managed to put out a great, useful and saleable product that became a success in a very short time. The team knew what they were doing from the very beginning: they started to build solid foundations, took the idea to possible customers and connected with local producers to find partners for the project. It was very helpful to get feedback and establish genuine bonds – that is what makes the JOIN pillar so important.

BIG BERRY Mastermind Starkmat table
Credit: BB Team

BIG BERRY Mastermind Starkmat food2
Credit: BB Team

"I can see and feel when we are present here at BIG BERRY that you have this mindset incorporated in to your culture"

The Mastermind Jam event was a combination of inspirational speech, great conversation and as always at BIG BERRY, delicious food and drinks. We had the pleasure to welcome the women from Gigcoworking to listen to the speeches and to contribute to the event with their great comments on the topic. Between the speeches, we enjoyed some coffee and delicious cookies from our BIG BERRY partner Domačija Šrajf. As the evening got darker and the presentations were finished, we all gathered to share our thoughts and to enjoy the products from our other three partners: Pivovarna Vizir, Eko Kmetija Totter and Kmetija Šuklje. In the end, the event was a great opportunity to learn about the FEEL, JOIN and CREATE concept and how it can be implemented in every company.

Mastermind Jam was supported by the SPIRIT agency and Ministry of economic development and technology.

Next BIG BERRY Mastermind

Our seventh BIG BERRY Mastermind of 2018 will be Roman Šuštaršič, a motivational speaker, hypnotist and trainer for personal growth. We are very excited to welcome Roman on 30th of June to talk about thoughts, beliefs and the strong forces in the human body.

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By Tuuli-Maria Mäki


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