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Team buildings - improving work performance


Team buildings are a must-do for every company that wants to form a long term successful team and improve work performance. No matter how good an atmosphere in the office is, spending quality time together with a team outside of working space is another pair of shoes.

Simple, yet fun activities that combine games, team work, sports and nature, seem to be a winning combination for productive team building. In a relaxed atmosphere, team mates get to know each other more profoundly, build stronger bonds and tolerance which, in the end, results in more efficient team work in the company

This is where BIG BERRY has found its potential for small company gatherings, where 25 000 m2 of an open area can be used for various outdoor activities, conferences and workshops, while the local partners and producers provide an opportunity to discover Bela krajina region in its full sense.

So far, BIG BERRY has hosted companies such as BMW, AMZS, HP, Porsche Slovenia, Finance, Slovenian Olympic Committee and many more, which have decided to build their team spirit in an authentic way.

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