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Slovenian Olympic Committee - Program for 2018

Executive Committee of the Slovenian Olympic Committee approved the annual work plan for the upcoming year, which foresees revenue and expenditure of about 8 million euros. This will be finalized by the Assembly, which will take place in Zreče on Saturday, December 16th.
This November, Janija Dvoršak was elected as the founding director of the board with a four-year term of office, who has been managing this organization since its beginnings.

Next year, the Olympic Games will be a challenge for organising team of the OCS than this year, because, among other things, the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea are also on the program, and the volume of public funds for co-financing of sports is not yet known. Therefore, the annual budget of 8 million euros is not yet the final amount and it will be supplemented if the number of the assets is likely to decrease.

The president of the OCS, Bogdan Gabrovec, initially said that for the next year, the government approved around 3.6 million euros more for sports programs than it was envisaged, and this amount is also expected to increase by 2019. Director of the Directorate for Sport at the competent ministry, Boro Štrumbelj, added that they will also receive additional funds for scholarships and some other social programs in the sports field.

At the OCS Assembly in mid-December, some changes will be made to the rules of the Slovenian Olympic Movement, and they will be proposing the changes to be made fully, which will then be approved at the Assembly in May next year. This is also a matter of coordination with the International Olympic Committee, which requires the majority of the Olympic Federation sports associations. The rules of the OCS will also be adapted to the new sports law adopted this year.

Miran Kos explained that during the preparations they also followed the statute of the German Olympic Sports Federation. The rules will include a more detailed ethical commission.

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