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Sencila Bled will help you sleep better

To fully understand the company’s story, we need to go back to 1978, when Jože Pintar, the current owner of the company, founded Sencila Bled. The company started as a contractual employee of LIV company in Postojna and a few years later, due to the the increase in demand, they started making their own blinds. Today, Sencila Bled has 29 employees and is known as one of the main Slovenian manufacturers of blinds. Since it was founded, the company expanded its range of shades and now offers various types of blinds that you need in and around your home.

Sencila Bled is the first partner of BIG BERRY, and we have equipped our BB houses with their blinds. Thanks to those, our guests can relax and sleep in.

All BIG BERRY’s equipment for BB Houses comes from our local partners. Click here to learn more about our partners.

Photo credit: Sencila Bled