Luxury of freedom


Partners provide modern equipment for BB

Partners provide to BIG BERRY  high-quality, innovative solutions that use technologies to give you a competitive advantage.

The range of equipment that qualifies for your stay is the following:


You can find vacuum sealed containers in all BIG BERRY houses.

Kolpa d.o.o

In BIG BERRY resort, you will find Kolpa hot tubs on the terrace of every guest house!


D-Koolektiv provides for BIG BERRY a wide selection of high quality products such as T-shirts as working uniforms and the flag of BIG BERRY.


T-2 offers quality and reliable telecommunications, information and media services for BIG BERRY.

Senčila Bled

Our partner provides us the blinds that we have in the mobile homes, they were also the first partner of BIG BERRY.

Duke Group

Duke Group supplies the entire Ho.Re.Ca sector with professional equipment of high quality and innovative design.


Kreal company provides services and equipment for the open public gym of BIG BERRY, as well as the playground.


When you visit the BIG BERRY resort, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy cruising down the Kolpa River with the equipment of ROTO canoes !

Photo by: flickr