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“Big Berry is a sustainable, eco-friendly resort offering visitors a unique ‘glamping’ experience in a beautiful and quiet countryside — hence their tagline ‘Luxury of Freedom’.If you are like me and camping is not your thing (real talk: I was scarred for life when a friend once left our tent unzipped and I woke up to 65 mosquito bites), you will probably LOVE glamping. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds: you can go outside and explore mother nature, but still come home to a hot shower and a warm bed”.

-          Stephanie Huff, alias The Pink Backpack

If you are still wondering what the benefits of camping as a part of your adventure are, this article will convince you to take the first step.

What do you know about “glamping”? It is a new lifestyle concept which is getting more and more famous across the world. BIG BERRY and its mobile houses are characterized by this new and sustainable trend. It conveys contemporary design, comfort, quality and a personalized service in a natural and local environment.

BIG BERRY’s concept can be adapted in every place through three different types of mobile homes which were carefully adapted to various surroundings, such as coastal, continental and urban regions. Besides its touristic activity, BIG BERRY develops a community around its brand comprising local artisans, producers and businesses. This network favours a strong integrity, collaboration and new relationships.

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