Luxury of freedom


Fairyland of Dragons

Slovenia — a country one dreams about and sings about. The country of bright stars, of colorful sunsets, of people you want to come back to. This time we visited Ljubljana — the fairyland of bridges, dragons and the setting sun.  Ljubljana is surrounded by calm mountains, misty forests, impressive architecture, and is famous for its numerous bridges.

The Triple Bridge is decorated with formidable stone balusters and lamps, which cast their lights on the night city and reflect in the Ljubljanica River. Two staircases near the bridge lead to the lovely terrace on the riverbank. An arch-shaped Dragon Bridge is protected by four statues of dragons — a symbol of Ljubljana — which resemble the guards standing on pedestals. The Butchers’ Bridge abounds with sophisticated statues from Ancient Greek mythology.

Having wandered across the lovely streets for some time, we decided to ascend the castle, which is considered to be the landmark of Slovenian capital. Constructed in the 11th century, Ljubljana Castle used to be a medieval fortress. Now it is indeed an extraodinary place with a dragon on top, where you can enjoy breathtaking views from a top and wander through magic park.

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Author: Marta Marchuk. Photos by Justas Gudeika