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BB Totem Sign


BB Totem Sign makes the resort recognizable in the local area and welcomes every guest directly at the entrance of the destination. Its features are firm and high constructions, corporate colour and big white company’s logo at the very top.

Totem entrance signs are very popular among businesses that want durable and simplistic outdoor signage solution. It is great for attracting attention to your company or resort for all the right reasons and is a good way to get a business noticed. It also delivers a highly visible identity and clean directional solution.

BB Totem sing is made of durable and quality materials and it has high UV resistance. BB Totem Sign is an eye-catching entrance mark that makes our resort recognizable in the local area. It is designed with a corporate color and acts like a sacred guardian for our site. Although low in rank, this pole is tall in height and it will welcome you directly at the entrance of a destination.


  • Direction
  • Information entrance board
  • Visual identity
  • Durable outdoor promotive board
  • Photo opportunity point
  • Stork's Nest
  • Decoration pole for events